Evanna's Story, 24 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Jessica tells the story of baby Evanna who was born a fighter.

"Early on a Saturday morning my waters broke at just 19 weeks 2 days gestation. Our little Evanna was given no chance of survival. We sat in a room for 48 hours waiting to deliver our little angel. But as time passed we were given a little more hope, our beautiful little love decided she was staying.

I was placed on strict bedrest and at viability (24 weeks) I was transferred to the Royal Hobart Hospital so Evanna had a better chance at survival if born. The night I was admitted into the Royal I started bleeding, heavily. I was continuously checked for an infection every morning. On Monday it seemed as though things were happening and I was taken into delivery where I spent the night. When morning came I was cleared to go back on the ward.

Over lunch I was speaking with my partner - he is the only one who recalls what happened. I blacked out whilst eating and when I came to I acted as though nothing had happened. I then looked over at him and told him I didn't feel okay and the rest to me was a blur. Nurses and doctors surrounded me and I was rushed to delivery where they told me an infection, Chorioamnionitis, was worsening.

18 hours had passed and my body hadn't reacted to the induction and I was taken in for an emergency cesarean. At that point we didn't know if Evanna was alive but we remained hopeful. At 10:13am on the 14th of August we delivered our little miracle born at just 700grams and breathing on her own for ten minutes, she was ready to fight from day one.

The NICU staff were incredible and through every grey moment we had they kept us going. Evanna developed chronic lung and there were so many questions as to whether she could keep going. I remember our scariest day, Evanna's SP02 was sitting at 24, we watched her lifeless as the nurses worked on getting her going again. I cannot count the amount of times she had gone dusky or blue over 3 months but each time we questioned whether we were taking our baby home.

Fast forward to now and Evanna does not require oxygen and she's in good health at 5 months old, although not discharged due to minor complications we feel so blessed to have her home with her family."

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing.


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