Evie, 28 Weeks

Miracle mum Jess shares Evie's story:

I went into spontaneous labour at 28 weeks. There was no known cause at the time as my baby and pregnancy was healthy and tracking perfectly. There was no stopping the labour as it was too far progressed. She was born via cat 1 caesarean in Toowoomba. We don't have a NICU in Toowoomba, so she was airlifted to Brisbane where we spent the next 10 weeks until she was big & stable enough to be transferred home. She was in the Toowoomba hospital until we got to finally bring her home 1 week before her due date! It was a long 10 weeks away from our older two boys and all our family in another city. But we are very blessed that she is so healthy and now a thriving 4-year-old. We are so thankful for LifeFlight & the Drs and Nurses involved in her care & journey. Also, extremely grateful for the Ronald McDonald house services. There is no way we could have afforded hotels for 10 weeks.

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