Hyundai Help for Kids


At Hyundai Help for Kids, we're creating brighter tomorrows for kids today. That's why since 2014, a portion of every Hyundai sold* goes directly towards our Hyundai Help for Kids program. A program dedicated to supporting a range of not-for-profit organisations making a difference for kids in need.

The Help We Bring

Hyundai Help for Kids is an initiative of Hyundai and Hyundai Dealers that lends a helping hand to young Australians and their families providing critical support across areas of Community, Medical & Vehicle assistance.

Since 2014, more than $13 million has been raised to support not-for-profit organisations within Australia.

Partnership with Miracle Babies Foundation

Miracle Babies Foundation is one of a selected number of charities working to deliver critical support for kids in need and their families. , assistance.

As part of the partnership with Miracle Babies Foundation, the Hyundai Help for Kids program will provide much needed support to families in regional NSW. Including delivering in-hospital peer support to families with a baby in specialised care due to prematurity or sickness at birth, resources providing tools and information for critical stages of a family’s journey throughout their baby’s hospital stay, at discharge and assisting with providing breastmilk while travelling to and from the hospital each day.

* New direct to dealer Hyundai vehicles excluding rental, company cars and IONIQ range.



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