Isabella's Story, 33 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Maria shares her daughter Isabella's story.

"I got admited to St George Private Hospital with pre-eclampsia at 31 weeks and I was put on bed rest for two weeks.

At 33 weeks the doctors decided to deliver as my baby wasn't growing anymore. I was transfered by ambulance to Liverpool Hospital because Isabella's weight was very low and the hospital had the appropriate facilities if there were any more complications at delivery.

Isabella was born on 6th of August 2010 by c-section, weighing only 1.00kg.

We are very thankful to the doctors and nurses who were with us through this journey. Isabella spent two weeks in NICU at Liverpool Hospital and then was transfered to St George Private Hospital for six weeks. We left hospital when she finally weghed 2kg.

We are so proud of Isabella who will turn 10 in few days. Her development has been very close to a normal full term baby. We are so lucky to have her, our first Miracle baby who we love to the moon and back.

She is a very generous, intelligent, caring and loving young girl, who brings so much joy to our lives."

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