Jayden, 26 Weeks


Miracle Mum Deborah shares Jayden's story:

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Having been in hospital prior to having my son, doctors were trying to get me to 30 weeks with strict bed rest, but baby had other plans with my life and baby life now in danger baby had to come out very quick, so an emergency c section was performed. I was 26 weeks and 1 day into my pregnancy, once born rushed him to ICU for babies, then I was in recovery I started to decline and was placed into a coma for 3 days so my body could recover from such an ordeal, didn't get to meet my baby boy for 2 weeks the heartache was so tense, I slowly recovered but my boy had issues after issues and was a machine to keep him alive, then Christmas day 2002 was transferred to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne for life saving surgery, a Christmas I wanted to block out was terrible, months and months went by with many setbacks, passed away twice in my arms, but with the amazing doctors and nurses at the hospital twice managed to save his little life I thank God every day ,but 11 months in hospital the day came to take our boy home weighing in at 1.6kg best day of my life bringing him home was so scary yet so relieved with another year with in home hospital nurses came to my home to do testing and lots of supervision, but he made it 12 mths in home came to an end hospital were happy to discharge in home hospital care ,hospital visits turned into 3 mthly visits ,but surgery after surgery with minor issues my young boy pulled through every time ,my young man is a special needs boy lots of 24 hour care, mobility and balance issues ,profoundly deaf, very high complex needs wouldn't have my boy any other way and recently we celebrated his big 21st birthday. Mr Jayden made it and am so thankful this journey was tough and draining but would do it all over again to have my darling boy her with us. He is 21 years old and his happy, cheeky, fun-loving boy. My boy I love him so much, he is my superhero 💙

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