Kaiden, 24 Weeks

Miracle Mum Kelley shares Kaiden's story:

“Kaiden was born at 24+2.

At 23+6 I felt something was wrong (didn’t quite know what) at 24 weeks I started bleeding, the smallest amount, everyone told me not to worry but I had already spent my first 20 odd weeks worrying, I went to the hospital and was told it was a burst blood vessel as I had thrown up too much due to hg, I was sent home.

Later that day it got worse, I went back. I was flown to KEMH 4 hours away not knowing what exactly was wrong, after test after test I was told my baby would be coming within the week, the night of 24+1 I went to sleep at 11:00, I woke up at 4am with the biggest urge to get up, I got up and underneath me was blood. My baby was coming breech.

It was then I was signing papers I didn’t know what meant, I just knew I wanted my baby safe. After being rushed to theatre at 6:30 my boy was born via c-section at 7:04 am, after dealing with CLD, Sepsis, Rhinovirus, Laser Eye Surgery, many months of the Jet Ventilator, on day 121 we got a phone call, and I’ll never forget the words “would you like to take your boy home today?”

The words I had longed to hear for exactly 4 months. Now Kaiden is happy, thriving and weighing just over 5Kg!

Were so happy to have him home!"



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