Kiara and Amayra's story, 30 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Kanika shares Kiara and Amayra's story.

"My twin daughters, Kiara and Amayra were born in 2020 at 30+2 weeks, weighing 1269 &1275 grams due to incompetent cervix.

At 27.5 weeks I had an ultrasound that showed the babies had IUGR and were measuring two weeks behind. There was restrictions with the placenta, and my cervix had starting funneling and was getting shorter. I burst into tears knowing what was ahead. My radiologist immediately sent me to Royal North Shore Hospital. I was given steroids and magnesium sulphate straight away. My blood pressure was normal, sugar levels were normal and so was my cervix. They observed me and said they needed to admit me until the bubs were born.

After 10 days of observation and ultrasounds nothing changed so I was sent home on a strict bed rest. The team made a decision to send me home and to check me on a regular basis. After the end of the Easter weekend, I started having contractions, it got so severe and started happening in intervals of 10 minutes. That’s when I knew something was wrong and went straight to the hospital’s birthing unit. Three hours later after the admission I was 3cm dilated and by 11am I was fully dilated. A team of 15 doctors came rushing into my room preparing me for an emergency caesarean and within half an hour baby Kiara arrived at 11:56am weighing 1269grams & baby Amayra weighing 1275 grams. 

They stayed in NICU for seven weeks, where every day would bring new challenges. I used to dread going home every day, not knowing if I would meet my babies the next day or not. I used to sob all night tucking my pillow deep in so no one could hear. I celebrated each new day and thanked god for giving me that day with them. One day I would feel things slowly starting to take one step forward, but then other days it was two steps backwards. After spending almost five weeks in high dependency, they got moved to SCN, it was a big achievement and I knew soon they would soon be coming home with me.

That day finally came on the 6th June 2020 - they came home. It was such a special moment for me; that I was walking through the door, that I had watched others take their baby home through; now it was me.

It is not easy to be a mum of NICU babies. It’s been seven months since they were born and trust me it’s still hard to raise them, but I have so much gratitude that they are small, but happy and healthy kids."


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