Luca's Story, 28 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Claire explains why it's always important to follow your gut instincts if you feel something isn't right with your pregnancy. 

"Our beautiful son was born at 28+4 weeks. We stayed in Nepean NICU for three months before bringing him home on Mother’s Day.

I felt like my pregnancy with him was not right from the start but, as he is my first, I just thought it was all normal. I will always listen to my gut feeling from now on.

I had a short cervix. I went in for a routine scan and ended up being admitted into hospital. Within an hour I had a big bleed and doctors gave me steroids preparing for baby to come.

A week later I went into labour and spent two days in the birthing room. Everything was looking ok. I had planned for a natural birth and that was looking fine to happen. Suddenly, Luca stopped breathing. Within seconds I had 10+ doctors and nurses in the room wheeling me into theatre. I was completely knocked out and within ten minutes of Luca not breathing he was born.

We didn’t know the sex so when I woke up four hours later I was told by a nurse I had a boy and everything was ok. I didn’t get to see him for six hours after he was born.

The first three days were scary. They found it hard to keep him stable. Five days after he was born I got to hold him for the first time. He was perfect. They called him a feeder and a grower. We are so lucky that he had no big problems and he was just in the NICU to grow.

At 18 months old now he is still the strongest guy we know and completely our miracle baby."


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