Matthew, 32 Weeks

Miracle Mum Jen shares Matthew's story:
"My pregnancy with Matthew was considered high risk from the get go due to me previously having a premature baby the first time around (32+3) so it was constantly at the clinics, having scans and trying to not stress about the thought of going through another premature baby journey.
I had been in and out of hospital from 26 weeks due to immense pain from braxton hicks and by 30 weeks it had got to the point of so much pain I could barely walk. I went into hospital in Tamworth on the 17th of January and was flown to John Hunter the next day due to threatened pre term labour. I could NOT believe it was happening again.

I spent a week in a ward to keep cooking as long as I could. I would have contractions spread through the day and night and nothing would ease it. I just knew that each day in was crucial for our little boy. As this was during Covid my husband was not able to be with me.

At 1am on 28-01-2022 my body gave out and I was having difficulty breathing. I was then told we were going to be delivering him. I was 32 weeks exactly. I had to call my husband in tears to break the news that he would miss the birth as he was 3 hours away. As it was moving so quickly I was out under general anesthetic for my c section.

Matthew James was born at 01:19am weighing 2100g. He was perfect. A spitting image of his older brother.
There was lots of guilt. I felt it was my fault he came early.

His special care journey lasted 7 weeks. During that time we dealt with Larynmalacia, OSA, and chronic lung disease. We were sent home on home oxygen which was a whole new challenge for us that we have become used to. Matthews older brother couldn’t meet him until we got him home 7 weeks later.

Matthew came home on 24/7 oxygen which was really scary to start, but has just become part of our normal routine now. Matthew is almost 5 months old now and is gaining weight steadily. He is a happy cheeky boy who is very loved!"



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