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Every year in Australia approximately 48,000 babies are born requiring the help of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care Nursery. Of the 48,000 requiring specialist care up to 1,000 of these precious babies lose their fight for life. 

Miracle Babies Foundation offers solace to families who are grieving a loss by providing a Memory Box which includes:

  • Beautiful keepsake memory box
  • No-mess, Inkless Footprint Kit
  • Two identical matching memory blanket and pillow sets - allowing the family to wrap their baby in one set and keep the identical set in the memory box provided
  • Three Miracle Babies Foundation heart lapel pins - one for baby and one for each of the parents
  • Organza bags to hold a lock of hair or other tokens of remembrance

You can help us continue supplying our memory boxes by making a $50 tax deductible donation, we welcome you to leave a personal message for the receiving family.

Memory Boxes are currently available for families at many Neonatal Intensive Care Units.  If you do not receive a memory box from your NICU or SCN please contact us directly on 1300 622 243.

If you need emotional support, please call our:
NurtureLine: 24 hour family support helpline 1300 622 243 (1300 MBABIES)

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