Miracle Babies Nurture E Information Hub was presented at FAOPS - Tokoyo, Japan

In October 2023 our CEO and CoFounder Kylie Pussell was invited to attend the FAOPS Conference in Tokyo, Japan  – Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies to present our Nurture E – The EEE Impact resource for premature and sick babies and their families. This worldwide first information hub specifically targeted for families and past patients born premature or sick covers topics our vulnerable families are at risk of experiencing.  It provides evidence based information, education in parent language and empowerment to support parents and past patients to advocate through different life stages. 

Visits to our miracle babies foundation website has tripled since the creation of Nurture E and it highlights the need for this important resource and is now being shared and presented globally.

Our Nurture E Information Hub is a valuable resource highlighting different life stages of pregnancy, time in hospital, discharge home, the early years, preschool years, primary school, high school and adulthood. We are constantly adding new information to our Information Hub overtime to ensure we are adding important educational topics that will benefit consumers.

Our aim through this initiative is to leave you feeling confident and empowered to better advocate and assist your child during these exciting and vital development years. Our continued commitment to miracle families is to fulfill our mission and continue to strive for ‘better, healthier outcomes for newborns and their families challenged by prematurity and sickness.' 

Kylie presented our Nurture E at the FAOPS Conference to such positive feedback. Our collaboration and partnerships with other global parent organisations highlight the need for improved care and outcomes internationally and we can all learn from each other to better support our local communities. 

“We are so proud of Nurture E and the continued support and education this provides to families, well beyond the early years.   Developed by parents for parents from our own personal experiences, Nurture E highlights the value of lived experiences and the importance of being informed.” Kylie Pussell said.

You can access our Nurture E resource by clicking the button below.

Nurture E Information Hub