Official Opening of Taylor'd Funerals - Hear about their wonderful support

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Unless you've been through it personally, it is hard to imagine growing a baby and then giving birth to a baby who's life is cut so incredibly short. Some babies don't make it home from hospital, while some babies don't ever take their first breath.

Never would a parent imagine enduring the painfully heartbreaking experience of having to lay their newborn baby to rest. Sadly however, in Australia, up to 1,000 babies will lose their fight for life due to prematurity or sickness at birth. It's an uncomfortable thing to speak about, but it is a heartbreaking reality for many families.

Back in 2022, Taylor’d Funerals began discussions with Miracle Babies, with the offer of Taylor’d Funerals providing Miracle Babies families with a funeral, which can be held at no cost. When hearts and dreams are shattered, Taylor’d Funerals are here to help Sydney's south-west families when their baby heartbreakingly loses their battle for life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

'After being introduced to Miracle Babies through the Rotary Club of Narellan, I was able to see the importance that such an organisation would have been able to play in the lives of many of my former students who would have required special care during their early days. I wanted to find a way that I could support families who aren’t able to take their little one home with them and then it all just came together. It is only a small way that we can help during such a difficult time, but we promise to do all we can to support the family farewell their little one in the most caring and loving way’ – Karen Taylor, Founder and Owner -Taylor’d Funerals (Former Special Education School Principal).




Each funeral - completely covered by Taylor'd Funerals - includes the transfer fee, all mortuary care, the coffin, coffin bouquet, hearse, 2 staff, celebrant, 1 hour viewing in the brand-new premises, 45 minute chapel service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park or Pinegrove Memorial Park, death certificate and medical referee, 10 single stem roses or 10 balloons, collection and return of ashes and a Miracle Babies memory box. To date, Taylor'd Funerals have provided 30 local families with a funeral service at no cost to them. A heartbreakingly high number, but a huge testament to the team at Taylor'd Funerals. Last week, Taylor'd Funerals were finally able to open their viewing premises. The rooms consist of the arrangement room, the adult viewing room, a coffin display room and The Ivory Room.

Image courtesy of Snapshot Imagery.

"The Ivory Room is a special room for us, and to be honest probably one of the first rooms of its kind in this industry. It evolved after I referred close family friends to another funeral home before the time of Taylor’d Funerals. Unfortunately, the experience for my friends who had unexpectedly lost their precious little girl Ivory was far from adequate during what was already a very distressing time for them. From this experience, I decided that no family would ever have to go through that again. And so, The Ivory Room was created.

Our families do not see their little ones in a coffin, unless of course they choose for this to happen.
Instead, they will be able to spend time with their precious little one in the comfort of our Ivory Room, where their baby/toddler will be at rest in either a bassinet or cot.

Image courtesy of Snapshot Imagery.

There will be other special touches as well, that will be customised for each of our families. The final space that our families are able to access is a room that allows them to choose styles and colours of coffins if they choose to do so." - Karen Taylor.
This type of support to the local community of Taylor'd Funerals is immeasurable. We cannot put into words how appreciative we are of Karen and her beautiful team and all that they do for the Miracle Babies community. We wish the new premises all the success in the world.