Oliver's Story, 34 weeks

Miracle Mum, Tessa shares Oliver's story.

"It took a long five years to get pregnant through IVF. It was my first ever pregnancy. I couldn’t believe it when they told me I was actually pregnant. My pregnancy was good, no issues expect being very anxious the entire time thinking something would go wrong.

I remember the night before, I didn’t feel well, something was off. I called my husband who was working away at the time and explained I wasn’t feeling well and reminded him that we had our 34 week appointment the next day. The next day I got up early and went into work. I started to get lots of cramping, I had just gone 34 weeks that day. I called and spoke to a nurse at my obstetricians rooms, they asked me to go to Ashford and just get checked out.

I remember getting a taxi to the hospital (as I had caught the bus to work that day) and thinking how embarrassing it would be if it was just Braxton Hicks or something. Within one hour of being at Ashford I was told that all was not ok and they started to prep me for an emergency c-section. They asked me to call my husband and tell him to get there ASAP. At that point I broke into tears, my husband was working in the Riverland and was driving home but was hours away. My family also lived seven hours away.

Ashford were amazing and provided me a support person, they face timed the whole c-section to my husband who had to pull over to watch it. He got there as I was in the recovery section. Oliver was born exactly six weeks early. He ended up spending six and a half weeks in the SCN due to breathing complications.

We spend his first Christmas in the hospital and we were able to bring him home on New Years Eve. He is perfect, healthy, cheeky and full of energy - I love him more than I ever knew was possible!"

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