Presenting the Nurture E - The EEE Impact at the Parent Organisation Summit

FRIDAY 24 MAY 2022

In May 2022, our CEO and CoFounder Kylie Pussell was invited to attend the Parent Organisation Summit with EFCNI and a global group of parent leaders, all working on positive change for premature and sick newborns across the world.

During the 3 day conference, Kylie was honoured to present Miracle Babies Foundation recently developed information hub, Nurture ‘E’ – The EEE Impact. The presentation highlighted the primary school years, high school years and adulthood life stages.

Miracle Babies Foundation Nurture Information Hub, is designed to assist families through different life stages from pregnancy, time in hospital, discharge home, the early years, preschool years, primary school, high school and adulthood.  Babies born premature, small for their gestational age or babies that have had complications that lead to their NICU/SCN stay run a higher risk of challenges, therefore it's important to watch development and progress through their different life stages. 

Nurture 'E' - The EEE Impact has been created in collaboration with parents and health professionals to provide you with EvidenceEducation and Empowerment

“It was such an honour to share this amazing work with parent organisations from across the world. Information collaboration is so important to highlight the long term support and help for families on a global scale.”  Kylie Pussell said.

Here's what some industry partners said about the presentation on the benefits of the Nurture E - The EEE Impact:







At almost every step along your NICU/ SCN journey, the care your baby has received has been the result of research into the best way to care for a preterm or sick newborn. As you move forward with your child, we will include access and information on current and relevant evidence based research so you can be kept updated and informed on treatments and outcomes.

Where possible we will also include information of any current trials and studies you and your child may participate in to further help improve outcomes.

We will provide you with information and education that is language friendly for parents and carers to help you be the best advocate for your child as you navigate the school years ahead. This information is aimed at helping you, your extended family, friends and educational institutions deliver the care and developmental support best needed for your child.

We will empower you with the right knowledge and a direction on how to find out more if you have any concerns for your child. We are here to assist you in being able to confidently advocate within your family and in your community for yourself and your child. Here you will find links, suggestions on where to go for more help and connections with other organisations working in the areas important to you.

Our aim through the EEE Impact is to leave families feeling confident and empowered to better advocate and assist for their child during these exciting and vital development years. Our continued commitment to miracle families is to fulfill our mission and continue to strive for ‘better, healthier outcomes for newborns and their families challenged by prematurity and sickness.' 

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