Paris, 31 Weeks

Miracle Mum Leah shares Paris' story:

“Paris was our rainbow baby after losing her big sister at 13 weeks to PPROM.

My story starts at my 31-week appointment, prior to which I had regular appointments due to Paris being IUGR.
I was having reduced movements which I advised the doctor about and was advised to go to the birth unit for CTG monitoring.Due to some tenderness on my right side near where my placenta was, they decided to ultrasound me and noticed the fluid around baby was quite low. The kept asking if I had felt any fluid leaking which I didn’t apart from my mucus plug falling out a week prior. A test was done which confirmed amniotic fluid was leaking. Another PPROM pregnancy this time at 31 weeks.

Once at Monash Medical we noticed bubs heart rate kept dropping, moving side to side would be the only way it would come back up to an acceptable rate. The CTG monitors were taken off however 15 minutes prior we had another deceleration of bubs heart rate so the monitors were put back on. Doctors were also concerned of a potential infection brewing.

They arranged for the special NICU doctors to come see us and prepare us for having a premature baby and answer any questions we had about what was about to happen.

My temperature was checked which revealed I now had a fever, concerns of an infection were now high and any time I would lay on my side bubs would get stressed and her heart rate would drop.

We had made 24 hours since the first steroid injection so it was time for the second one. My temperature was still high at this point, any medication to try and get my temp down wasn’t working. They were concerned I had an infection called chorio which is a bacteria that infects the membranes around the baby and the amniotic fluid; baby needed to come out.

7am the following day I woke up to myself with strong thoughts in my head “I’m having a baby today”, well I was right.

At 4:47pm 22nd December 2021 3 days before Christmas, Paris Rose was born via emergency c section weighing only 1400g.But after a total of 7 weeks in the NICU and special care nursery she came home!

Paris is now 7 months old (5months corrected) and is the happiest baby in the world!"



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