Peyton's Story, 30 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Megan recalls the uncertainty she experienced daily after having her baby early and as a first-time mum.

“Peyton was my first child and she was born at 30 weeks. Becoming a first-time parent was scary enough, but to have your baby arrive 10 weeks premature was a very scary experience.

While I was in hospital pregnant Peyton’s heart rate kept dropping and I was thinking of the worst possible scenario - I was scared for her life. Peyton’s heart rate would then pick back up.

She was born two days later, naturally. Peyton was born at 1420 grams and 38.8 cm long. I still remember going to see Peyton in NICU after delivery and seeing her in the humidicrib attached to cords. I was so upset and worried.

I first held Peyton the following day and cherished every second of that cuddle. I would sit by her bed and count down the hours until my next cuddle. I’d gaze at this beautiful girl I had given birth to and pray that Peyton would be ok. I remember watching the monitors continuously as they worried me when they would alarm.

Peyton spent two weeks in NICU before being transferred to Special Care Nursery for a further four weeks. We got to take a beautiful baby girl home when she was six weeks old (36 weeks gestation).

Peyton is now 9 months corrected age (7 months) and is doing fabulous. She has never looked back and has surprised me every day with how far she has come."

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