Sophie's Story, 33 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Eliska shares Sophie's story

“I was diagnosed with preeclampsia around 32 weeks. I knew I would probably have to be induced as Sophie was not growing to their liking and because of my high blood pressure. I was not feeling myself, could hardly muster up the energy to walk a short distance.

I had an ultrasound on Thursday, and they were a bit concerned about her growth, so I asked my midwife to see me on Friday to discuss the results.

On Friday, I felt even more sluggish and concerned about Sophie’s lack of movements. I started to feel slight pain in my lower abdomen but put it down to gas. After lunch, the pain didn’t get better, so I told my husband that we should head in earlier, as Sophie was also pretty quiet. I didn’t think it was contractions as I had a baby before, and they felt like something else.

We were around the corner of the hospital when the pain became a bit more intense, and I felt some liquid in my undies, thinking it was my water breaking. I put my hand there and noticed I had blood on my finger. Suddenly, a gush of blood went down my legs, and before I knew it, the entire car seat was filled with blood and wouldn’t stop.

My husband quickly drove to the entrance and asked for a MET call. I can’t even remember walking in but I remember going into the women’s assessment clinic and blood still gushing out everywhere. Next thing I was on a bed and had nurses and doctors surrounding me telling me baby has to come out as her heart rate has dropped significantly.

I woke up in recovery and got the news that Sophie was alive. And I also lost 3L of blood because my placenta almost completely detached itself.

Sophie was in NICU, and I didn’t get to see her until the next day. It was awful being in my room but not being able to hold her or know if she’d survive the night. I was still on adrenaline and couldn’t sleep or think clearly.

When I saw her the next day, it was so hard to see her in the incubator and unable to cuddle her. But the nurses were so beautiful and kind that I knew she was in the best place.

I was in hospital for five days and Sophie only spent two days in NICU before being brought to special care. We were able to breastfeed pretty soon and I spent my days pumping milk for her and spending all day with her. She was slowly gaining weight and eventually got off her C-cap and before we knew it, she was in a normal cot. She was ready to go home.

Sophie was there for almost a month. It was hard as I have a toddler at home, and I missed her a lot. But I also wanted to be with Sophie and felt torn between my two girls.

I started to talk to the other mothers whose children were in the same room as Sophie, and we now even have our own chat group to support each other. The staff were truly amazing and made an awful time more bearable for us. The hospital becomes your second home, and you get to see the hospital in a different light.

I never thought I’d have a baby in NICU or that early. I’m just so glad she’s home with us and gaining more and more weight. I’ll always be grateful for the nurses and doctors that saved our lives”.

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