Thank you to WaterWipes for supporting a further 149 families in 2020


Since 2016, WaterWipes has supported Miracle Babies Foundation to provide wipes suitable for vulnerable newborns as part of Miracle Babies’ NICU Survival Pack. These packs are provided to families in participating hospitals to provide vital information and tools to help families cope through the challenging experience of having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Nursery (SCN).

More recently, their support has expanded through funding toward our NurtureProgram, providing emotional support to these families as they navigate having a baby born unexpectedly.

The support of WaterWipes has already enabled access to this program for 473 families and in 2020, WaterWipes has again provided funding to support a further 149 families, along with continued support for our NICU Survival Pack resources and the donation of thousands of wipes for these families.

According to Robert Guaran, Neonatology, Advisor NSW Perinatal Services, “a newborn baby's skin does not have the barrier layers of cells of older children. Parents should avoid chemicals, including fragrances, that may be directly absorbed across their baby's sensitive skin. This is especially important for Premature babies.” WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes and have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. They are actually purer than cotton wool and water, providing safe, effective cleansing for the most delicate newborn skin and are so gentle they can be used on premature babies. Find out more about WaterWipes here.


We are proud to continue our partnership with WaterWipes to support more families with a premature or sick newborn. Babies in the NICU are extremely vulnerable and face many challenges, some of these can last a lifetime. It’s important that our families feel confident that they are doing the best for their baby and when it comes to using products such as Baby Wipes, WaterWipes’ commitment to being pure, gentle and safe for the most delicate skin is very important to the families we support. We thank WaterWipes for their ongoing commitment to supporting some of our most vulnerable babies and their families, to achieve better, healthier outcomes for these newborns and their families” - Kylie Pussell CEO and Co-Founder Miracle Babies Foundation.

WaterWipes raising Awareness of the experience of having a baby born premature or sick: Estelle’s Story

As part of their #Thisisparenthood campaign, launching 2019, WaterWipes teamed up with Miracle Babies to help raise awareness of the challenges faced by all new parents, including NICU parents. Rachel and Nathan recall the rollercoaster journey of having their daughter Estelle and how it has reshaped their lives. Watch their story below.