Tiara's Story, 28 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Diljeet shares Tiara's story.

"I can’t forget how it all happened; it seems like only yesterday. Coming from a country like Fiji, I never imagined this sort of miracle. I was pregnant with my first child; we were happy, all my reports were normal, even my ultrasound as well. The only things I got from my check ups was that 'your baby girl is healthy and very naughty', since she would not keep still and in one place in my tummy.

It was 27+7 weeks when the nightmare started. Around 5:30am on a Sunday morning I had to rush to the bathroom due to my waters breaking (although I didn’t know this at first). I called to check in to the emergency department at Bankstown Lidcombe Hospital where I was advised to be there as soon as possible since I was 27 weeks pregnant and my waters had broken. My husband, my mother-in-law, and I rushed in. We were all scared as we all had no idea what was going on. It was first time something like this had happenned, so early in pregnancy, to anyone we knew off. The medical staff did a check on me and came to the conclusion I had ruptured membranes and I was dilated and my cervix was about 2cm open. At the same time I was given a steroid injection, but the baby was too small to be born in the hospital since they had no facilities for a tiny baby. So, I was transferred to Liverpool Hospital in an ambulance. I was put in a private room near the midwife and nurses counter, and I was monitored the whole night. The very next day a group of specialists came to visit me and talked about the baby. They wanted to try and keep the baby in my womb for as long as possible so her lungs could get stronger.

At 28+4 weeks I started to have back pains and the baby's head was down. I was taken in to deliver her, but I was not able to see or meet my little bundle of joy since she was rushed straight to the NICU. I asked my mother-in-law how my baby was... she just stood there, not able to say any words, but after a few minutes she said, "She is the size of our palm”. My heart jumped into my mouth; I couldn’t wait any longer to meet her. After about three hours I got to see her in NICU, she was in the danger zone but I was positive for my little fighter.

As time went on, everything fell into place. Our little fighter fought all against all the odds and was transferred to Bankstown Lidcombe Hospital nursery to be sent home. Our journey in NICU was really well attended by the nurses and doctors. Finally, we had our miracle home before Christmas (who was supposed to be born around Christmas baby), but who entered the world on 4th October 2019. All the nurses and support staff were so well appreciated since it was our first pregnancy and we never imagined something like that would happen."

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