WaterWipes caring for delicate skin – Corporate Partner of Miracle Babies Foundation


Since 2016, WaterWipes has supported Miracle Babies Foundation to provide wipes suitable for newborns as part of Miracle Babies’ NICU Survival Pack. These packs are provided to families in participating hospitals to provide vital information and tools to help families cope through the challenging experience of having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Nursery (SCN).

“We are proud to continue our partnership with WaterWipes to support more families with a premature or sick newborn. Babies in the NICU are extremely vulnerable and face many challenges, some of these can last a lifetime. It’s important that our families feel confident that they are doing the best for their baby and when it comes to using products such as Baby Wipes, WaterWipes’ commitment to being pure, gentle and safe for the most delicate skin is very important to the families we support.”
- Kylie Pussell CEO and Co-Founder Miracle Babies Foundation.

A recent Baby Skin Integrity Comparison Survey reveals babies cleansed with WaterWipes had a lower incidence and a shorter duration of nappy rash* compared with two leading brands

18th February 2021, Australia The Baby Skin Integrity Comparison Survey (BaSICS) conducted by the University of Salford (UK) was recently published in Pediatrics & Neonatology.

The clinical study conducted with 698 mothers, showed that babies cleansed with WaterWipes (the brand used in this study with the fewest ingredients) are less likely to experience moderate to severe nappy rash, or infant diaper dermatitis (IDD), and if experienced it was of shorter duration compared with the other two products. The two comparison brands used in this study, marketed as mild enough for newborn skin, contained 3 times as many ingredients as WaterWipes.

Mothers using WaterWipes on their babies’ skin had a lower incidence of nappy rash* (19%), compared to those who used Brand 1 (25%) or Brand 2 (30%). For each day of nappy rash* experienced by babies cleansed with WaterWipes, the rash lasted approximately 50% longer among babies cleansed with the other two brands (Brand 2 = 1.69 days; p<0.001 and Brand 1 = 1.48 days; p=0.002).

“The BaSICS study is the first research indicating that a baby wipe product may be a determinant of infant skin integrity in the first eight-weeks of life,” says Professor Penny Cook, Professor in Public Health from the University of Salford. “These findings indicate that the baby wipe with the fewest ingredients has the lowest incidence and shortest duration of moderate nappy rash*.”

*Moderate to severe nappy rash.


Safety and efficacy of wipes on infant skin

Recent studies highlight the safety and efficacy of using baby wipes to help decrease skin irritation with parents reporting greater convenience over cotton wool and water.

Infant skin has a less effective skin barrier function compared to that of older children and adults,” says Dr Jeanne Lythgoe, Senior Midwifery Lecturer and Co-investigator from the University of Salford. “The epidermis and stratum corneum are thinner, meaning babies’ skin is more susceptible to permeability and dryness. As a result, their skin is far more delicate and vulnerable; requiring special care and protection.”

WaterWipes, the world’s purest baby wipes, are a non-medicated baby wipe containing just two ingredients - 99.9% ultra-pure water and a drop of fruit extract to help maintain skin integrity. Following a review of the scientific literature, a team of independent experts at the Skin Health Alliance has validated that WaterWipes are purer than cotton wool and water.

Jill Sommerville, Director of Medical at WaterWipes said, “We are dedicated to supporting invaluable research, which highlights the importance of selecting wipes with minimal ingredients to help protect against the causes of nappy rash and preserve the skin barrier function. The BaSICS study is an important milestone in infant skin health and WaterWipes hope that the findings will inspire confidence and reassurance among both healthcare professionals and parents; knowing that they are using a brand which is specifically developed to be pure and gentle for babies’ delicate skin.