World Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Day

MONDAY 22 MAY 2023

World Infant, Child, and Adolescent Mental Health Day is acknowledged to recognize the global importance of infant, child, and adolescent mental health. We must identify in the community that mental health affects adults and vulnerable children who suffer from mental illnesses as most mental disorders develop in childhood and adolescence. Mental disorders continue to rise in the young and are higher than adults. The need to improve understanding of this as well as to create awareness of its importance in families, communities, and societies cannot be underestimated.

Infant mental health difficulties affect many young children, have different effects, and need better support. Most leading causes of chronic illnesses and adult mental health disorders can be traced back to poor mental health in infancy and early childhood. This is why It is important to look out for symptoms of infant mental health struggles which may include physiological, emotional, and social symptoms. If symptoms are identified early, Infant mental health difficulties can be supported, promoting recovery and resilience. We recognise the importance of Mental health for infants, children, and adolescents and how premature and sick newborns are more impacted by mental health issues.

Australian Association for Infant Mental Health is a national organisation of professionals from many fields who work with infants, young children and their families. Their mission is to work towards improving professional and community recognition that infancy and early childhood is a critical time for the development of emotional, physical and mental health.

To find out more about AAIMH, click here: AAIMHI - Australian Association for Infant Mental Health


To further support Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, you can make a difference by donating to Miracle Babies Foundation. Our 24 hour Quadruple Giving Day is on tomorrow, 23 May 2023. This means that your donation is quadrupled by our matching donors. By donating tomorrow, you're helping us support vulnerable families and babies born premature or sick.

All donations made to Miracle Babies Foundation on Quadruple Giving Day go towards our NurtureProgram. Australia’s only comprehensive parent to parent support program available from a threatened pregnancy, during the time spent in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery (SCN), the transition to home and beyond. This support also includes the loss of a baby cared for by a NICU/SCN.

This program is provided free to Australia’s miracle families and includes: 

- 24 Hour Family Support Line (NurtureLine).
NurtureLine is a free 24hr family support helpline for families of a premature or sick newborn; 1300 622 243 (1300 MBABIES).

- In-hospital support (NurtureTime).
NurtureTime is parent support sessions held in partnering hospitals' NICU and SCN on a set schedule 

- After discharge play and support groups (NurtureGroup)
NurtureGroups are free play and support groups for families who have experienced the birth of a premature or sick newborn.


Miracle Babies Nurture Information Hub is designed to assist you and your family through different life stages of your growing and developing child beyond the baby, infant and toddler years. Nurture - The EEE Impact has been created in collaboration with parents and health professionals to provide you with EvidenceEducation and Empowerment. Our aim through this initiative is to leave you feeling confident and empowered to better advocate and assist your child during these exciting and vital development years. Our continued commitment to miracle families is to fulfill our mission and continue to strive for ‘better, healthier outcomes for newborns and their families challenged by prematurity and sickness.'