Zachary's Story, 32 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Katie shares her story of baby Zachary's eagerness to join the family.

"Zachary was born at 32 weeks. He had growth restrictions and sat on the cord. Being eager to enter the world early he was delivered via emergency c-section.

He was later airlifted to NICU Canberra, where he was on the CPAP machine for five days and in hospital for two months total. Those two months were filled with bradycardias, caffeine, nutrition transfusions, and nasal feeding tubes.

It was incredibly stressful and we bonded with other parents who had special care babies. They were the main people, besides the nurses, we got to talk to.

He’s always been small for his age but is finally catching up!

In two months my little boy is turning five and starting big school next year!"

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