Jamie-Lee Lelliott

Marketing & Communications Officer

Jamie-Lee joins Miracle Babies with extensive experience in Marketing, Events, Sales and Administration and after becoming a new mum with a threatened early delivery, she understands how vital the role Miracle Babies plays in the mental health of parents with premature or sick newborns.

Jamie-Lee was diagnosed with an incompetent and dynamic cervix at 19 weeks gestation which meant there was no knowing how long her baby would hold on for. After an emergency cervical cerclage was placed, she did 4 months of bed rest wishing everyday the outcome would be positive. The doctors didn't expect her baby would make it past 22 weeks gestation but against all odds, Olivia made her safe entry into the world at 38 weeks.

The first few weeks of her life were daunting and with jaundice and IUGR complications, there were frequent visits to the hospital. Jamie-Lee has such an appreciation for parents who have no choice but to leave their children in the care of the NICU or SCN.

Jamie-Lee loves being part of the Miracle Babies journey and the support they provide to families in their most trying time.