Amber Laidler


Amber is a journalist at 7 News Sydney, Producer and Former Miss World Australia.

Amber is a mum to Will who is now 2 years old. Will was born at 32 weeks and spent a total of 6 weeks in the Special Care Nursery.

Amber joined Miracle Babies Foundation as an Ambassador in 2024. She is always ready to show her support and attended Miracle Moon Walk for the first time in honour of becoming an ambassador.

"We were introduced to Miracle Babies within days of Will's arrival through the hospital, but our most valuable resource was the foundation’s Instagram page, website and other Miracle Babies’ ambassadors such as Sam Squiers. Being able to see other premature babies and read stories of how they’ve gone on to thrive plus the advice and words of encouragement from another mum who had experienced it all before, offered immeasurable comfort in those early days of uncertainty. I feel incredibly honoured to have the chance to extend the same support to someone else through the Miracles Babies Foundation."

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