Meghan Billinghurst

Consumer Representative

Meghan is the proud mum of two miracle babies, both born prematurely due to cervical issues within her pregnancies.

Aubree was born at 24 weeks in 2020 at Liverpool Hospital during the height of COVID lockdowns. Throughout her extended stay, Aubree became seriously ill with Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). Aubree was transferred to Royal Women's Hospital where she had lifesaving surgery to remove and repair a complete bowel obstruction. Aubree spent 117 days between Liverpool and Royal Women's hospitals before she was discharged home on oxygen and with a NG tube.

With the help of an emergency cerclage at 19 weeks, Meghan was able to make it to 34 weeks in her second pregnancy. Tommy was born in 2023 and spent 5 days in special care before he was discharged home. After being home for 4 days Tommy contracted meningitis which meant he returned to special care for a further 7 days.

Outside of being a mum Meghan holds a Bachelor of Education and is a passionate educator.