Learn about how your Tax Time Donation supports families 

Tax Time is fast approaching, it costs $143 to provide support to just one family through their hospital journey, and $715 to continue this support during the first year after leaving the hospital with our NurtureProgram.

"We hadn’t heard about the Miracle Babies Foundation until our hospital stay. They provided information to all the parents in the NICU and lots of gift packs which were a lovely surprise when you are going through such a rough and stressful time." Ben and Laura Jacka

Every year in Australia around 48,000 newborn babies require the help of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery (SCN).
27,000 of these babies are born premature and up to 1,000 babies lose their fight for life.

For families, the experience of having a baby come into the world not as expected or planned is life changing. Without support, this overwhelming and traumatic experience can have lifelong effects on the emotional wellbeing of these miracle families.

Miracle Babies Foundation is here to try and soften the burden of parents who have unexpectedly had their lives changed by having a premature or sick newborn.

1 in 15 babies born are born premature or sick and require specialised medical care, some of these babies can face lifelong challenges and parents are at an increased risk of mental illness. Without parent support, babies are at risk of failing to thrive (more than 31,500 babies at risk each year). Most families aren't accessing the right support early enough which could prevent significant mental health or other challenges. Lack of access to this early intervention, peer support and preventative support has implications for health and education systems and the health and well-being of the family unit.

Miracle Babies Foundation aids families by increasing early intervention and additional support for child health and development which in turn has a positive impact on health and education systems. By educating and empowering parents through the EEE Impact, parents are able to make informed decidions for their child's health and overall wellbeing. Families are more socially connected to other families experiencing similar challenges and children become active contributors to society. Our programs are proven to have a reduction in parental mental illness and give children the space to thrive and reach their full potential through our support NurtureProgram.

The Impact Institute conducted an independent study into the benefits of peer support programs, just like the Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureProgram. The results solidified the need for programs like this within hospitals and within the community for vulnerable groups. Our support services and resources are provided FREE to families nationally, offering emotional support and connection, from a threatened pregnancy throughout their hospital stay and for years beyond. To find out more about the study, click here: Miracle Babies Impact Report

With more than 132 babies born requiring specialised care each day, we need your help. Please join us in our Mission to 'achieve, better, healthier outcomes for more families challenged by prematurity or sickness' and make a tax-deductible donation today.