Workplace Giving


Your employees can make a significant and lasting impact to Miracle Babies Foundation through workplace giving. Workplace Giving is easy to set up and administer and is a great way for you to demonstrate commitment to supporting the community. Participation in the scheme shows employees you care about the causes that are important to them.

What are the benefits?

  • Employees will appreciate the opportunity to give through a simple and tax-efficient process.
  • Enhancing corporate reputation Increases your company’s charitable giving with little effort or cost.
  • Creates a positive partnership between you and your employees.
  • Allows you to monitor the amount of your company’s charitable giving.
  • Provides your company with an avenue to support your employees fundraising efforts through company matching if available.  

For Individuals

Download the PDF for more information on how to set up your pre-tax donations with your payroll department. If your workplace already has a Workplace Giving Program in place then they will be able to sort this out for you very quickly, if not, they can get in touch with us, simply email: [email protected], and we can provide the information they need to get the ball rolling.

Another option is signing up to Good2Give, Good2Give makes it easy to start donating pre-tax through your pay. Simply create an account and start giving. Your company can also match donations too:

What are the benefits for you as an individual?

  • Workplace giving is one of the easiest ways to give regularly to a charity – it’s simple, flexible and tax- efficient.
  • You decide how much you would like to donate (minimum $1 per pay) – every amount makes a difference.
  • There is no need for you to remember to make your payment each month.
  • You can opt in and out of giving at anytime giving you full control.
  • It is safe and secure as your donation comes straight from your salary. There is no need to provide your bank account details.
  • Some employers offer a “matched giving” scheme which means that will match the gift you make to Miracle Babies each month, ask your employer if they contribute to this scheme

How to start your Workplace Giving donations?

There are four easy steps in organising your payroll donation:

    1. Check with your employer and confirm they support Workplace Giving.
    2. Download and complete the Workplace Giving Authorisation Form and give it to your payroll manager.
    3. Instruct your payroll manager to deduct your nominated donation amount from your pre-tax salary each pay period.
    4. Request the payroll manager forward the authorisation form to us.

What if my workplace doesn’t have a Workplace Giving program?

Double check with your payroll manager or employer as it is something most employers will support, or have already established. Workplace Giving is optional and both the employee and the employer must agree to participate.

If your company does not already have Workplace Giving and Matched Giving in place, you can contact our Workplace Giving Coordinator ([email protected]) or you can find some helpful information on the Australian Tax Office website.

Workplace Giving is fully supported by the Australian Tax Office. For more information about Workplace Giving, you can call the Australian Taxation Office on 132866 or visit the Australian Taxation Office website.

Tips for Businesses

Workplace Giving is delivered through your normal payroll system and there are no tax forms to fill out. The ATO website has lots of useful information on Workplace Giving. We suggest the following link as a starting point:

You can support Miracle Babies Foundation by donating through your company’s workplace giving scheme. Each pay your employer will automatically deduct your nominated donation before deducting your tax, so you can receive the benefit of the reduced tax with each pay.

By setting up a regular gift to Miracle Babies Foundation through your payroll you are helping us to improve the lives of premature and sick children Australia wide. 

Matched Giving

Matched Giving programs provide dollar matching for employees’ time, fundraising effort and / or cash donations (including workplace giving) to causes such as Miracle Babies Foundation.

Matched Giving programs are easy to set up and administer, and your administrative costs and contributions are tax deductible.

Matching the gifts that your employees contribute to a cause of their choice is an excellent way for companies and corporations to demonstrate their commitment to the causes that your employees care about.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhancing corporate reputation increases your company’s charitable giving with little effort or cost.
  • Recent research has shown that the number one motivation for employee participation in Workplace Giving is the fact that their employer matches donations.
  • Matched giving is a great way to demonstrate organisational commitment to the Workplace Giving program, and to provide enhanced benefits to your community partners.
  • Provides your company with an avenue to support your employees fundraising efforts
  • Matched Giving programs provide vital funding for many charities and causes, particularly those in the communities in which businesses operate.
  • Matched Giving income makes a real impact

How to get involved in matched giving?

  • Single gifts – if an employee gives $20 to Miracle Babies , so does the organisation
  • Fundraising activities – the organisation will match the money raised by staff from putting on events and collecting for Miracle Babies Foundation
  • Employees' time – the organisation 'pays' employees for volunteering their time with a donation to Miracle Babies Foundation

Workplace Giving Testimonial

"In August 2013 at 32 weeks pregnant, my dream pregnancy came to a crashing halt after my waters ruptured – also known as PPROM.  With rest and medication, our daughter was able to hold on & remain in utero for 2 more weeks, taking her to 34 weeks gestation. Although we had 2 weeks to mentally prepare for an early arrival and had made it to the magical number 34, the world of NICU and SCN was still a huge shock to the system.

Sophia was in hospital for just under 4 weeks and experienced all the usual side-effects of being born early. She required CPAP, bilirubin lights and heat lamps during her first 4 weeks of life.

During this time I was provided with the Miracle Babies Nurture Guide Book, and each night when I’d leave the hospital without my daughter I would go home and read about other parent’s experiences, or visit the Miracle Babies Facebook page to learn more about the world of premature birth. Having a resource to educate me gave me a calm I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

After my experience, I have sought ways in which I can support the Foundation and return the favour. I elect to financially support the Foundation via fortnightly Payroll Giving with my employer, Telstra, matching each dollar I donate. I have also dedicated time over the last 3 years volunteering with The Miracle Babies Foundation by way of paid volunteer leave, another initiative supported and encouraged by my employer.

Looking at our perfectly healthy 3.5 year old now you would never know what a tough start she (and us!) had, I hope that by committing my time and money to the foundation, I can support other parents who may be going through a similar experience."

Shares Kylie Gagen, Miracle Mum.

If your company does not already have Workplace Giving and Matched Giving in place, you can find the information you need on the Australian Tax Office website

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